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Customized services

Our numerous experts implement
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Our services


Customized services

Our numerous experts realize everything to do with the testing, quality assurance and technical development of vehicles at a wide variety of locations worldwide - tailored to the customer's individual needs. The customer's vision is our driving force. Here we provide our customers with our many years of experience in testing in "cold country", "hot country" as well as "temperate climate" in Europe and Asia as core services. The AES/DLS Group has extensive and long-standing experience in cold land testing in Scandinavia, hot land testing in Southern Europe as well as testing in the temperate climate of Central Europe. In addition, we have extensive expertise in the testing of electric vehicles. Besides Europe, Asia plays a major role in the daily testing practice of the AES/DLS Group with testing services, quality assurance and technical development of vehicles in South Korea and Japan.


Passion for innovation and technology

Within the scope of permanent and special driver testing in the field of development and quality assurance, we cover a wide range of services. These include among others:

  • European and worldwide services of engineers, automotive technicians and master craftsmen as well as service staff, qualified driving personnel and trained special drivers
  • Complete vehicle testing and 24-hour endurance testing under customer conditions along defined route and testing profiles
  • Component testing, especially under extreme climatic and track-specific conditions
  • Functional testing in the areas of electrics, electronics as well as mechanics and mechatronics under customer-specific loads or in cab and off-road operation
  • Noise tests on special test tracks
  • Consumption, wear and contamination tests and validations
  • Vehicle conversion through the installation of test and spare parts
  • Execution of analyses & repairs as well as standard maintenance work with individual documentation, data acquisition and transmission
  • Development and evaluation of individual test programs on single vehicles and vehicle components
  • Management and coordination of test vehicles, prototypes and test vehicles in all phases of the testing process

Our services in detail

We have established an extensive network of cooperations with a wide variety of partners, which further expands our broad range of services in addition to our permanent locations. At our 8 permanent and 3 temporary cooperation locations, we offer the following engineering services, among others:

  • Comprehensive technical and organizational support for initial start-ups
  • Fleet management of test vehicles with the respective administration
  • Organization and execution of verification and validation runs
  • Organization and execution of special test drives (ADAS, city, cold, heat, altitude and dust)
  • Establishment of test structures and processes as well as the continuous operation of the test infrastructure
  • Organization of press and acceptance tours
  • Complete technical support for special test and acceptance runs
  • Updating and adjustment of control units
  • Technical testing and analysis of new hardware and software components
  • Validation, analysis, verification and documentation of defects and quality deficiencies
  • Technical support and evaluation of high-voltage vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • Repair, maintenance and servicing work

Our projects

In the course of our more than 25 years of involvement in the automotive industry, we have initiated and implemented a large number of projects together with our customers. One of the main focuses is always the quality assurance and improvement as well as the functional validation of our customers' products. Within the scope of these worldwide projects, we provide our clients with impulses, validate technical innovations and initiate developments, among other things:

  • Quality assurance run and development vehicle validation
  • Driving tests in all climatic zones (cold, hot, humid, etc.) on public roads
  • Vehicle tests in all conditions (city, altitude, gravel, dust, ice, snow, wind, etc.)
  • Special motorcycles road tests
  • High-speed tests on external automotive proving grounds and closed race tracks
  • Tire wear and performance tests on closed test tracks
  • Test drives to determine fuel/energy consumption
  • Functional testing for autonomous driving (ADAS, V2x, etc.) including functional safety testing, quality analysis, and performance evaluation
  • Altitude test drives
  • Cross-country charging infrastructure testing in Europe and Asia



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