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Our motivation: your vision

The AES/DLS Group is an association
of innovative companies in the field of vehicle testing,
quality assurance and technical development.


About us


Our motivation: your vision

The AES/DLS Group is an association of innovative companies in the field of testing, quality assurance and technical development of vehicles. It currently consists of the three companies Automotive Engineering Services GmbH (AES), Neubauer DLS Spółka z.o.o. Spółka komandytowa, Neubauer Dienstleistung Logistik Service GmbH & Co KG (DLS) and several subsidiaries.

Due to the close cooperation within the group, the AES/DLS Group provides full service in testing and analysis of test vehicles and prototypes as well as optimization and quality assurance of pre-series and series vehicles of its customers. Within the scope of endurance and special driver testing, the AES/DLS Group offers development and external driving services as well as engineering and quality assurance services. With more than 25 years of experience in the group of companies, the AES/DLS Group is an expert for customized solutions and works closely with renowned domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers.


European and worldwide service

The AES/DLS Group has several of its own locations, test tracks and off-road sites in Europe and can thus independently carry out quality tests under a wide range of climatic and other conditions. In addition, the AES/DLS Group also operates in Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Japan) and North Africa, where it also carries out quality tests independently at its own locations and test tracks. Our own locations are equipped with all the necessary workshop facilities, working materials and supplies, so that a wide range of testing services can be covered from a standing start.

In recent years, we have also developed into cross-national and cross-border validation experts by developing, organizing and implementing customized testing packages for our customers. In doing so, we have made several successful validation runs across Southern, Central and Northern Europe as well as the Middle East and North Africa.


Reliability and Mobility

The AES/DLS Group offers its customers reliable and high-quality services, always tailored to individual needs. The use of mobile teams enables the companies involved to react quickly and flexibly to changing requirements. The AES/DLS Group attaches great importance to a close exchange with its customers. In this way, changes in requirements can be identified immediately and cooperation can be designed as efficiently as possible. Central contact persons and direct contacts for the customer play an essential role here.


Competence and quality

The employees of the AES/DLS Group are, without exception, very well trained specialists in their respective fields. Many of them have completed their technical education and training or their studies in Germany. In total, the AES/DLS Group has experienced and highly trained specialists from 7 different cultural backgrounds. This allows us to act worldwide and to offer our services where the customer needs them. Regular training courses on new developments in the industry are just as much a matter of course for our employees as the in-depth study of central topics, e.g. testing and road test methodology, or the recurring implementation of driving safety training courses. The AES/DLS Group attaches particular importance to a sense of responsibility, professionalism and integrity. Therefore, only experienced personnel with strong technical expertise is used to implement your requirements.



Founding year
Driving personnel
Testing sites
Temporary sites
Number of vehicles / year
Test km / year
~35 Mio
Internal offroad parks
External test sites
High voltage charging points
Total charging power
7.5 kW

TISAX® certified information security

In the automotive industry in particular, information security has a very high priority. For this reason, the member companies of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) have defined a common standard for information security in the automotive industry based on the international industry standard ISO 27001 in the form of the VDA ISA requirements catalog. Compliance with the requirements is verified by accredited testing service providers as part of the TISAX® model. The level of protection (normal, high, very high) determines the assessment level and thus the depth of the audit.

Due to the very high requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data with which the AES/DLS Group companies work, the sites were assessed according to the strictest rules for both information security and data protection (level 3). All companies in the AES/DLS Group have taken extensive measures to protect information and thus meet the highest information security requirements of the VDA.

The results of the TISAX® test are essential proof of our very high safety and quality standards. It is part of our self-image that our customers can always rely on the secure and responsible handling of information. For us, the TISAX® test mark stands for the very secure processing of information, the protection of prototypes and data protection in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

TISAX® results can be viewed by registered participants on the ENX portal. (

TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.




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